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About Ihor

My name is Ihor Dalavurak.
I was born in Ukraine in the city of Lviv in September of 1968 and I'm a Libra.

I am a multilingual electronic engineer and higher education lecturer.
I graduated from State University
Lvivska Polytechnica with the honors in 1990.

Recently, in 2002, I completed MSc in Computer Networks at Middlesex University in London.
I did it part-time and it took me more than 3 years. Between others, at the beginning of the course, I did e-Commerce module, which enjoyed the most. At the end of that module I created a Web-page with guidelines for selling goods and services online.

In my free time I enjoy swimming, reading science fiction,  listening to Swiss Jazz and surfing the Internet.

If you would like to visit my music page with MP3 links, please click here.