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Has your computer crashed and you need your data?

Do you have to send your computer back to the supplier/manufacturer to be repaired/replaced under warranty, but you need to recover your data first?

Primo Computers Data Recovery Services can recover data from hard drives that:
  • can no longer be read by operating system
  • have accidentally been formatted or overwritten with a new OS
  • possibly have suffered from viruses or other system corruptions
  • are not being detected by the BIOS or appear to be completely dead
  • are making clicking or other strange noises
  • that have been dropped
  • were submersed in liquid or have had liquids spilled on
  • been damaged as a result of power surge or higher voltage applied

Have you been told that it will cost you at least £650+VAT to recover data and that discouraged you from getting another quote?
Recently that happened to one of our customers who was very surprised that we were able to recover it for £90 and kept asking why another company quoted 8 times more for the same job.

What we are not going to do is to guarantee you data recovery at a very low price over the phone, before we even see the hard drive.
Or make up 97% successful recovery rate.
Or tell you that we possess The Best Clean Room in UK.

We offer you:
  • Free Evaluation in less than 24 hours
  • No Data No Fee service
  • Full confidentiality
Please call 01483 860 777 to tell us how we can help you and to make an appointment
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